Head of UX & Design
RoleProduct Design, UX/UI
ToolsPencil & Paper, Adobe CS, Invision

Event and venue casting app design. User Experience reached beyond the screen to the actual events. Working on the experience outside of the app was an additional challenge that was unique and interesting to tackle as an integrated part of the product’s design. It was important to attend events and see how users experienced the end result outside of the app, and how they relied on the app throughout that process. In addition to standard user research, being on the ground and speaking with users at events shed a great deal of light on the things they liked, wanted, and of course the issues they faced.


High Fidelity & Prototypes

These mockups were used to create prototypes in InVision and test the flow and interaction, where the team was able to give feedback and we were able to do some quick testing with users on the spot.

Sketches & Wireframes

Low Fidelity Foundation

I always start with paper and pencil and write down the goals and objectives of the app. Then break those down into flows and their subsequent screens. This is the first round of iterations that the team gives feedback on.