Connect, in the Real World.
ToolsPencil & Paper, Adobe CS

Branding, logo, and web redesign for startup that organizes lunches for companies and groups that was part of 500 Startups. Didn’t get the chance to see the implementation of design thinking within the organization, but thought we were onto something good with this direction.

Wireframes / Mockups

Transitional Designs

Below are two wireframes/mockups for a search page and a group page. These were very preliminary but a good reflection what direction it should have gone in.


How it Works

The two sets of infographics below were used in some material to explain the process to users and to moderators. Sent out in emails and also on certain pages of the website (as you can see above too).

Sketches & Wireframes

Very Low Fidelity

Pardon the low quality photos, it was before I documented much of my work.