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Beautifully Functional Design


Creative Solutions

Ask the right questions to find creative solutions that enhance the experience and functionality of your product.


Better Experiences

Understand what users need and give them a product that solves their problem or makes their lives better in a delightful way.


Strategic Growth

A better product means it will be easier to grow strategically and organically.


Below are a mix of product, ux, and visual designs.


Below are notes on how I approach design.

Business Goals & Strategy

The most important aspect of beginning any creative process, whether you are deciding on the right features, designing the user flows, or designing a button, is to comprehensivley understand the business goals and the strategy by which the company seeks to achieve those goals. To acquire such a deep understanding of the product or service...
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Branding isn’t just about a logo or logotype. It is the business, the product, the communication with your users, and everything inbetween. Once I have a concrete understanding of the business, product, and strategy, I begin working on the brand. This does include the logo, but I focus on what we are communicating internally amongst...
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UX Tools & Research

If you already have a product in the wild, you must know how your users use it. The first order of business is to disect your current product. All the following research and design tools are used to inform the design of the product and features: Research & Evaluation UX Critique/Audit: a user experience critique/audit will...
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Understanding Users

Personas are a great way to make everyone in an organization aware of who the users are and gives me a way to be the user’s advocate in a clearly defined way. Personas: interviews, reasearch, and submerging yourself in the lives of your target market are all great ways to create genuine personas. Keeping them...
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From Sketches to Prototypes

My first step as soon as I have researched the product, the users, the tasks, and I have a firm grasp of what needs to be accomplished, is to sketch. Pencil and paper are still powerful tools. Sketching: Low fidelity and easy to implement, sketching allows for a free flow of creativity and problem solving....
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