Product & UX Design
RoleDesign Lead, Product & UX Design, Branding & Logo Design, Marketing, Visual Design
ToolsPencil & Paper, Adobe CS, Sketch, Invision

Worked as the Lead Designer which entailed involvement with a fair amount of the business: branding, logo, website, marketing, sales collateral, and primarily the product design and research. Helped take initial concepts to more concrete functionality and from low to high fidelity. Implemented the first version of the product with the team, designed the core functionality, user flows, and worked on the feature roadmap and priorities. Also worked on user research with, feedback, support/customer service, and analysis. Was helping to drive the primary foundation of the product at all touch-points.

* Note that this project is missing quite a few things here and is just meant to serve as a general idea of work done.

Wireframes / Mockups

Onboarding, User Actions, Engagement Blocks

Below are some higher fidelity mockups for different parts of the app. From onboarding to day to day user engagement. Part of the daily user engagement features were being blocked into chucks to make it easier to implement future pushes. This included annotations and flows for the dev team (which are not included in these screenshots), a lot of which was done via Invision prototypes, commenting, and shared styles. 

First Iteration Screens

Examples of the App

These are some screens from the initial functionality. Although not as robust as upcoming iterations, we began testing right out the gate to ensure our roadmap and current functionality resonated with users.