Branding isn’t just about a logo or logotype. It is the business, the product, the communication with your users, and everything inbetween.

Once I have a concrete understanding of the business, product, and strategy, I begin working on the brand. This does include the logo, but I focus on what we are communicating internally amongst employees and externally to the users or customers. This informs the logo, the colors, the tone of voice in all copy, and even in customer service.


The Brand Audit (& ReBranding)

Most companies are reluctant to even broach the subject of rebranding, they become so entrenched in their current brand and message, that they steer clear of any mention of a brand audit. It’s important to understand your brand and a brand audit sheds light on your current state of affairs. It’s also a great way to avoid being trigger happy on rebranding. Understanding where you are and where you want to be is essential in steering the ship.

Many of the questions raised under Business Strategy are in line with doing a brand audit.

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